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How does email queue work in Magento 2 ?

Magento 2

How does email queue work in Magento 2 ?

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If you've ever wondered how Magento 2 handles email sending efficiently without affecting the performance of your online store, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll delve into the fascinating world of the Email Queue in Magento 2.

Understanding Email Queue:

In Magento 2, the Email Queue system is designed to enhance the performance of your store by handling email operations asynchronously. Instead of sending emails directly during the checkout process or other events, Magento 2 queues these emails for later processing. This approach ensures that your customers experience swift and responsive interactions on your website.

How Email Queue Works:

Event Triggers: 

Email sending is triggered by various events within the Magento system, such as order placement, customer registration, or newsletter subscription.

Queuing Process: 

When an email is triggered, Magento adds it to the Email Queue rather than sending it immediately. This prevents any delays in the customer's experience during critical processes like checkout.

Cron Job Processing: 

Magento 2 relies on Cron Jobs to process the Email Queue at specified intervals. The Cron Jobs periodically check the queue for pending emails and dispatch them. This ensures a controlled and efficient use of server resources.

Asynchronous Email Sending: 

By processing emails asynchronously, Magento avoids the need to wait for the SMTP server response during customer interactions. This contributes to a smoother and more responsive user experience.

Advantages of Email Queue in Magento 2:

  • Improved Performance: 
  • Queuing emails reduces the load on the server during critical customer interactions, ensuring a fast and seamless experience.
  • Error Handling: 
  • If an email fails to send, Magento can log the error and attempt to resend it in subsequent Cron Job cycles. This enhances the robustness of the email delivery process.
  • Configurable Queue Settings: 
  • Magento allows you to configure the frequency of the Cron Job cycles and other settings related to the Email Queue, providing flexibility based on your store's needs.

Configuring Email Queue in Magento 2:

To configure the Email Queue in Magento 2, follow these steps:

  1. Admin Panel: Log in to your Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Stores: In the left sidebar, go to Stores > Configuration.
  3. Select Sales: Under Configuration, select Sales > Sales Emails.
  4. Expand the General Settings: Expand the General Settings section, and you'll find the "Asynchronous sending" option.
  5. Configure Settings: Enable the "Asynchronous sending" option, and you can adjust the other settings as needed.
  6. Save Config: Click on the "Save Config" button to apply your changes.


Understanding how the Email Queue works in Magento 2 is crucial for optimizing your online store's performance. By leveraging the asynchronous processing of emails, Magento ensures that your customers enjoy a seamless experience while the system efficiently manages the delivery of important communication.